Where's My Call Sheet

"Alright, here's the 4-1-1, folks"

Where's My Call Sheet has been designed to be a simple and intuitive tool for generating those pesky call sheets we love so much. In saying that, if you do have trouble using the website or just want a quick overview on how it works, read on below.

Alternatively you can log in using the example user details specified on the login page and view the example project to get an idea of how the website works.

Setting up a project

As with filmmaking, the key to using this website effectively is setting up your project properly. Before you jump into creating your call sheets, you need to fill out information about your cast, crew, locations and scenes. Once you have entered all of this into the website, you can begin creating call sheets.

Cast, crew, locations and scenes

When you're working on a project, as well as the link to your call sheets, there are four buttons in your navigation bar: cast, crew, locations and scenes. It is important to go through each of these sections and fill them out so that you have information to populate your call sheets with.

Everything is fairly self-explanitory. Add information about all of your cast and crew members. Enter information about your shooting locations and list all of your scenes. Once you have filled out all of these, you are ready to move on to creating your call sheets.

Creating call sheets

So now that you've added all of your cast and crew as well as your shooting locations and your scenes, it's time to make your call sheets.

When you create a new call sheet, you fill out a form with all of the call sheet specific information on it: call sheet number, unit base, date, weather, nearest police and hospital etc. Some of this information can be automatically collected from Google once you've filled out your unit base and date.

After creating your call sheet, you can add the appropriate scenes being shot, calltimes, which crew members are needed on set and a variety of other information.

Adding scenes to the call sheet is probably the most involved process. You can select a scene from the dropdown box in the form (or you can choose to add a break) and there you choose your location and add other information. Once you've added your scene you can add cast members needed for the scene as well as their calltimes and travel arrangements.

Sending call sheets

There are several ways you can distribute your call sheets, once they have been created. You can print them out directly from the website, or download them as a PDF, and give them to your cast and crew.

You also have the option of sending the call sheet PDF via email directly to your cast and crew. This uses the email addresses provided when you enter your cast and crew information so make sure they have been filled out properly. You can select which call sheets you want to send and which cast and crew members you want to send them to as well as additional email addresses not specified in your cast and crew lists.

Not a perfect solution

Every film set is different. There's no one way to do anything and as a result there are so many different ways to do call sheets.

Because of this, Where's My Call Sheet can't cater to every situation. It has been designed with short film production in mind. This isn't to say that you can't use it for documentaries, music videos, feature films or any other kind of shoot, it just means that this website is not a perfect solution for every situation.

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